Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stevie Ray Vaughan - December 7, 1985

The Oriental Theater
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 7, 1985

Disc One:
Scuttle Buttin' - Say What
Ain't Gone N Give Up On Love
Change It
Voodoo Chile
Mary Had A Little Lamb
The Things I Used To Do
Cold Shot
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Pride And Joy

Disc Two:
May I Have A Talk With You
Love Struck Baby
Life Without You
Look At Little Sister
Come On
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Willie The Wimp
Voodoo Chile
Change It


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  1. Holy crap, I was at this show!! One of my earliest concerts ever, in fact (I'd just turned 16). My musical tastes were changing, for the better, and I remember this show vividly. If the sound quality is good, this is one to get.

    Crud, I'd better get that .zip file problem I'm having solved... I still don't know what's wrong.